The Red Death (Demo)


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Scumbag A rousing, pacey brand of groove metal/rock full of chunky riffs and songcraft inspired, but not limited to, '70s hard rock! Solos to get the air guitars cranked up and vocals reminiscent of Ben Ward (Orange Goblin). Pump your fist, get your Hornss up and rock on! Favorite track: The Red Death (Demo).
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Pre LP demos. Order our LP from Riding Easy Records! Out May 13th 2014!


released November 6, 2012



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HORNSS San Francisco, California

"Turn down the lights, put on a horror movie, crack open a beer and zone out on the sheer volume of No Blood, No Sympathy because it feels so damn good."
-The Big Takeover

"HORNSS does not beat around the bush, this is high octane, beer drinking music! ... It’s like if Fu Manchu got too paranoid from pot and switched to whiskey, beer, and Robert E. Howard novels." - The Sleeping Shaman
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Track Name: The Red Death (Demo)
step over corpses headless down the road
the king in his palace surrounded by gold
and they call the dead martyrs
not heroes, I'm told

the freezing, the hungry, the weak and unsure
are pitchforked to pits and covered with manure
and so nothing grows
till the kings are deposed

and I don't see the purpose to the promise you made
the king was so angry when the people were saved
when the corpses were counted you froze where you laid

the noble triumphant, there's jest in the court
the chaplain begs mercy, the herald report-
the commoner's cries -
the king calls them lies

when his head is removed and passed around town
for only 3 sixpense you can wear the queens gowns
with now empty throne -
we suffer alone

the guards on the barbican, marching in time
to keep the kings robes free from mud of the swine
but their mortar is crumbling to quarries of lime

the sweat from the peasants you thrust on your stakes
and the blood from the mouths of the babies you rape
are lapped from amphoras while you slither like snakes